Full volume pose


Full Set Volume - $175

Description: This technique aims to deposit a bunch of eyelash extensions (therefore several eyelashes) on your natural eyelash. These extensions are specifically designed for this technique so they do not weigh down your natural lashes. The technique is more intense and allows a fuller look. The technician will use a surgical glue that is safe for the eyes.

-Result: Full eyelashes, a more intense gaze.

-Maintenance: You cannot wet your eyelashes during the 24 hours following the service You must brush your eyelashes every day, do not apply mascara or remove your make-up with an oil-based product since this could damage your extensions .

-Recurrence: Retention is required every 2-3 weeks to maintain your volume pose.

- Time: the duration of the volume pose is 2 hrs to 2hrs 30