Luminosity Peeling Night Cream


Exclusively intended for home application, it contains a controlled delivery system of exfoliating and brightening enzymes and acids that work all night long.

Formula based

-Nopal flower extract (prickly pear) accelerates regeneration, powerful anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

-CYCLOSYSTEM complex: 50% AHA glycolic acid from sugar cane (cyclodextrin encapsulation which acts as a factor that diffuses enzymes and acids in a precise and controlled way during the night).

-Sesame seed oil: antioxidant, nourishes, calms irritations, prevents premature aging

-WHITONYL® complex: Obtained from the red alga Palmaria palmata, WHITONYL®: Inhibits melanogenesis by reducing the activity of tyrosinase and the amount of melanin synthesized.

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