Le Hideout Questions

1. Are you open in the evenings for appointments after work?
- Yes of course, we are open until 9PM every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night!

2. Do you accept walk-ins?
- We only accept walk-ins on Saturday & Sunday! For any other day, we suggest that you make an appointment online - Here

Services Questions

1. Do you offer construction gel and/or acrylic manicures?
- No, at Le Hideout we choose techniques that are non-damaging to your natural nails. We offer gel polish and Gel-x extensions. Make your next appointment - here

2. Will I see a change after a facial targeted to my skin's needs?
- Yes, absolutely! After just one treatment, you will notice a healthy glow and improved skin texture.

3. Can I go out in the sun after waxing (all areas) ? 
- Yes! With a good quality SPF 50 there is no problem!

4. How often should I maintain my pedicure?
- We recommend 6-8 weeks. Don't forget to cut your toenails with or without gel nail polish between appointments, to avoid any pressure.

5. Do you offer permanent laser hair removal and if so what type of laser?
- Yes we do, the Diode Alexandrite MD YAG laser for all skin types and all hair types is the perfect option! 

6. Can I take a shower after a Lash Lift or Eyelash Extensions?
- Yes, however we do suggest you to avoid contact with water for 48 hours and avoid excessive steam.

7. How many weeks will my Gel-X extensions stay intact?
- A minimum 3 weeks to maximum 5 weeks.

8. Are there any fillers with Gel-x extensions?
- No, we remove them all in a gentle manner and reapply extensions if desired.

9. How many facials are recommended per year?
- We highly suggest 1 facial every change of season, which is 4 per year!

10. Does gel nail polish damage natural nails?
- No, if the products are of high quality and approved by Health Canada. The removal technique with files and soft products also makes all the difference.

11. What is the difference between Lash lift and Lash extensions?
- The results are totally different. The Lash lift is a perm of lashes to curl them upwards, very natural. Eyelash extensions consist of applying individual lashes or a small bunch of lashes that are not permanent on the natural lashes.

12. Do you offer regular hand and/or foot polish?
- No, quality price and service do not work.